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Kayaking and Canoe Books

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Play the Krazy Kayak 2 game here!

Use your mouse to direct the kayaker down the white water river, avoiding the river banks and rocks. Hitting an obstacle will tip you over and you'll lose one of your three lives.

If you do capsize your canoe you'll need to perform an Eskimo roll, but make sure you do it before your air runs out or you will lose a life!

To earn extra points play the river and perform freestyle kayaking moves using your cursor keys. You can perform Stern squirts, bow stalls and old school paddle twirls. You can even do paddle throws like they used to in 'Paddles Up', the BBC's canoeing-based answer to Kick Start.

The game ends after you have lost all your lives, or you have successfully completed the white water course. You will then have the opportunity to submit your high score.

Good luck, happy paddling and eat the beef burgers as they appear to keep your strength up!

Wanna Play for real?

To be a real kayaker you're going to need some kayak equipment, a kayak and maybe some kayaking books. All are available in the Krazy Kayak Canoe Shop>




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Kayaking and Canoe Equipment

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